EOPA 2025 Categories

To help you prepare your entries, please refer to the criteria below. Entries should clearly show how they meet the criteria listed, which will be used by the judges to evaluate submissions. To assist your preparations, you can download a summary of the categories and criteria here: EOPA 2025 Call for Entries


If you are ready to submit your entry, please click the icon to enter online. The deadline for entries is 13 November 2024

Company Awards

Business Product of the Year

This category is open to any product sold via the European business and workplace supplies industry which has been launched since January 2022. The judges require evidence of important attributes such as innovation, functionality, quality, environmental responsibility and commercial success.

Entries are limited to a maximum of three per company.

Marketing Campaign of the Year

This category is open to any organisation that can clearly show the success of a specific marketing campaign. Judges will consider:

  • Objectives of the campaign
  • Understanding the target audience
  • Marketing activity, innovative methods used, originality and creativity
  • The return on investment generated

Campaigns that have not yet started, or are too new to have measurable results, will not be considered.

Best Workplace - NEW!

This new award has been introduced to recognise companies going the extra mile to create a positive workplace experience.
Judges will look for innovative strategies that go beyond best practice, with the aim of building a workplace culture that benefits employees, customers and the wider community.
Entrants are asked to show how they measure the success of their
initiatives, which could include:
•Charitable or local community initiatives to “give back”
•A strategic focus on employee well-being and personal development
•A collaborative and innovative approach to flexible and hybrid
working strategies
•Programmes for inclusion and engagement

Vendor of the Year
Reseller of the Year
Wholesaler of the Year

These awards will recognise companies that are successfully navigating current market pressures. Judges will focus on organisations that have diversified, innovated and evolved their business model to succeed in a competitive, challenging and rapidly changing business environment.

Online Reseller of the Year - NEW!

This award is open to any reseller of business supplies that primarily operates online. We are looking for an exceptional web-driven business that impresses the panel due to:
•Strong online sales performance
•Use of new and innovative technologies
•Creative marketing initiatives
•Positive customer experience

Sustainability Excellence: Vendor & Reseller

Companies should demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainable business practices. Judges will look at:

  • Evidence of a strategic focus on sustainability
  • Whether your sustainability programme goes beyond best practice
  • How the programme is communicated & implemented
  • Methods used to measure the impact of your sustainability programme
  • The benefits to your business and the wider community

Individual Awards

Young Executive of the Year

The business products industry needs young and dynamic individuals. This is your chance to nominate a young executive who is making a real impact in their business and has the potential to shape the future of our industry. Nominees should be under 36 years of age and can be working in any role within the business products industry.

Candidates will be asked to join an informal Teams conversation with members of the judging panel in early January 2025.

Executive of the Year

Please send your nominations for an exceptional individuals who excel in their role. We are looking for that special someone who is simply brilliant at what they do. An executive whose ability, dedication and effectiveness not only inspire those around them, but make a significant contribution to their company.

Business Leader of the Year

This award has been introduced to recognised an inspirational senior executive whose dedication, leadership and vision positively impact both their own organisation and the wider business supplies industry.

Industry Achievement

The Industry Achievement award acknowledges the achievements of someone truly unique who will be recognised for their outstanding leadership, business performance and significant impact on our industry. We welcome your nominations for this most prestigious accolade.


Please click the icon to enter online before the deadline of 13 November 2024